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Alando Simpson (City of Roses Disposal & Recycling) on Material Disposal & Recovery AND Pedro Pacheco (ITESM) on Material Reuse in Architecture

Alando Simpson and Pedro Pacheco will speak in the next edition of CPID Talks, on January 22. The CPID Talks are aimed at fostering a dialogue about interesting work being done that is relevant to the public interest design field by inviting speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to share their work and thoughts in an informal setting. These talks are open to the public and held in the CPID office in the School of Architecture at PSU (Shattuck Hall 217).

Alando Simpson, who will present at 11am, is Vice President of City of Roses Disposal and Recycling and is an advocate for sustainability in the N/NE Portland Community. Alando is a North Portland native and came aboard City of Roses in 2004, providing assistance on both the administrative end as well as the trade. After graduating from Portland State University, Alando jumped straight into the mix as a full time general manager, and it was there where he placed his center of attention on shifting the organizations focus around sustainability and, most significantly, recycling. To that end, Alando has led the processes at City of Roses for the inception of construction waste reduction plans, waste and recycling education, recycling reports, and innovative formulas which highlight carbon offsets through recycling. Alando will be speaking about his work and the relationship between local material recovery facilities and sustainability in the building industry.

Dr. Pedro Pacheco, who will talk at 12 noon, is professor at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), one of Mexico's premier universities. He coordinates and leads several academic programs the Tec, including the Master of Science in Design and Sustainable Development of the City, as well as the “Impulso Urbano” (Urban Impulse) program and the seminar “Civic Urbanism.” He is co-founder of the “Ten Houses for Ten Families-10 x 10” model, a research and educational program focused on working with low-income families in Monterrey to design and build housing and address public space and community issues. The program is well known internationally for effectively using the service-learning methodology as a tool to connect students with the realities of site and clients. Since 1994 Dr. Pacheco has provided consultancy and advice for private and public organization on projects ranging from housing prototypes to community centers and a botanical garden. In 2013, he created T-kio, a firm dedicated to community planning, design and construction as a vehicle to expand his services and to integrate other professionals in the consultancy work.