Dos Rios Station

Proposed TCC Climate Initiative: Transit Access at Twin Rivers

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The Center for Public Interest Design has begun an exciting collaboration with Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) and other local partners on the design of three light rail stations in Sacramento, California. The Dos Rios Station is the first of the three projects, and will be located on a complex site in the rapidly changing Twin Rivers neighborhood. The CPID will lead a series of engagement activities throughout the project in order to encourage a participatory design process toward a station architecture that reflects the hopes and needs of the project stakeholders. The CPID is using this opportunity to further explore design strategies for the area that emerged through its multi-year collaboration with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. One critical approach that was identified through this work recognizes that expanding the role that a transit station might play in a community offers opportunities to provide much-needed amenities and placemaking to underserved neighborhoods.  Please check back for updates on the project and consider offering your input below. Thanks!



Sacramento, California, United States



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