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Project Information

The Center for Public Interest Design and Sacramento Regional Transit are partnering with the City of Rancho Cordova to explore how the Mather Field / Mills light rail station might better serve the community and act as both a connector and a hub towards a regional arts corridor. Building on the success of the new Mills station Arts and Culture Center (MACC) located in a historic building next to the station platform, the team aims to work with partners to investigate how proposed development near the station and upcoming investment into low-floor conversion of the station platform can lead toward a unified vision for area improvement to maximize social impact. The CPID will be hosting community engagement events to amplify community voices in the planning processes similar to those used by the CPID for the Dos Rios Station and other area projects. Please feel free to contribute ideas by attending an event, sharing ideas with the CPID, or completing the survey below.

The first event was a placemaking workshop at the Mills Art and Culture Center (MACC) on March 16, 2019. The event complemented the art workshop series at MACC serving the area, and taught attendees the fundamentals of placemaking and tactical urbanism that they could then apply to their community and the station itself. Following a lecture by the CPID on placemaking, groups walked the site to discuss and photograph challenges and opportunities that they identified. These photographs and comments were captured on a photographic cross section of the site, with each group addressing a different viewpoint. Groups came up with placemaking solutions that responded to these challenges and opportunities on an identical board. The event concluded with each group presenting their proposals and each individual tying their “wish” for the area to a light rail shelter for others to read and add to. The placemaking boards from the event are on display at the MACC center, with an open set ready for ongoing input from community members.


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Short Survey
Short Survey
The Mather Field / Mills Station should represent the ambitions of the larger Rancho Cordova community.
The Mather Field / Mills Station should reflect the history of the surrounding area.
The Mather Field / Mills Station should endeavor to be iconic in expression.
The Mather Field / Mills Station should support the regional arts community.
There is an existing/emerging arts corridor that the Mather Field / Mills Station can help to enhance.

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