CPID Student Fellows


Meet the Center for Public Interest Design's 2015-2016 Student Fellows:

William Chandler 
Paul Conrad
Jodi Dubyoski
Hayley Nelke
Alejandra Ruiz
Matthew Rusnac
Genevieve Wasser

The CPID Student Fellows program is designed to give outstanding graduate and upper level undergraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable experience outside of the classroom through extended participation in a public interest design project. Student Fellows are given a leadership role on an active CPID project under the guidance of one of its faculty members. Through this fellowship, students may receive IDP credit, work experience, fulfillment of practicum hours toward the Graduate Certificate in Public Interest Design at PSU, and access to special events and opportunities.

Student Fellows 2014-2015

William Chandler
Julia Mollner 
Jennifer Rimorin 
Genevieve Wasser 
Reid Weber 

As an introduction to the program, the CPID hosted a 5-day trip to the Native American Crow Reservation in Montana in late September, giving them an opportunity to examine many issues relevant to public interest design work. While in Montana, the students completed the structure of a ceremonial /Earth Lodge built out of teepee poles.  This project builds on previous work of the CPID in partnership with The Center Pole and its director Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo.

Projects that the Student Fellows are working on this in 2015-2016 include:

  1. Researching and developing a process to address affordable housing through waste material recovery and innovative building systems.
  2. The design of the City of Roses transfer station.
  3. A design proposal for an Opera truck, in partnership with the Portland Opera. 
  4. Working with underserved communities in Portland, OR on community design projects
  5. The next steps in development and certification of the SAGE classroom-a sustainable, healthy, and affordable modular classroom.