Tigard Triangle



The Center for Public Interest Design (CPID) at Portland State University is working on an asset-based community development project in the Tigard Triangle. To begin our community engagement, we organized a collaboration workshop for local service providers. The workshop provided an opportunity for service providers to identify community assets, needs, and challenges, while also creating a collaboration strategy/agreement among attendees for a better-served existing and future community. This forum is intended to be a catalyst for future community engagement.


Tigard Triangle - Tigard, Oregon, United States



Thank you for participating in our Service Providers Collaboration Workshop on August 29, 2019. We would like to continue our collaboration by focusing on the topics discussed in the large group session. As a reminder, here are the topics:

  1. Need coordination of efforts and resources

  2. Provide a community center within the Triangle

  3. Activate neighborhood meetings / associations

  4. Address concerns that current population will be displaced

  5. Think about how urban renewal will place more demands on shelters

  6. Set up workgroups to explore diversity

  7. Reach out to businesses and connect them to potential labor force

Please answer the survey questions below by September 12th. Thank you!

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