Useful Waste Initiative

Project Description

“Useful Waste” is an initiative that aims to reframe the industries view on construction waste and encourage material diversion and reuse. The intent of this initiative is to utilize an overlooked material resource - stand alone construction mock-ups - by repurposing the material and responding to pressing social needs, such as the local housing emergency. Mock-ups are seen as temporary structures and typically end up in the landfill due to lack of pre-planning and immobility. This initiative facilitates a new process of material diversion within the typical construction schedule and requirements. By repurposing a mock-up, a project team:
- diverts material and reduces landfill waste
- assists project sustainable goals (LEED, Earth Advantage, etc.)
- reduces embodied carbon impact from materials
- receive tax benefits for charitable donations
- contributes to local community efforts

For more information, contact:
Julia Mollner, PSU Adjunct Faculty, CPID Fellow of Practice,
Rebecca Taylor, CPID Student Fellow,




Materials needed in order to complete mock-up for reuse:

  • Plywood/OSB Exterior Sheathing

  • Dimensional lumber

  • Metal corrugated roofing panels

  • Drip-edge metal flashing

  • Lap siding or panel siding

  • Operable windows (residential size)

  • Insulation (rigid or batt)


Portland, Oregon, United States


CASE STUDY: 4th & Montgomery