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Cat Goughnour (Radix + Right 2 Root) on the displacement of Portland's African American community

Cat Goughnour is founder and lead consultant of Radix Consulting Group. She will be presenting a session on some of her work and research around how Portland has served—or not served—its communities through housing, urban development, and economic planning and policy. In her work around housing justice, she has a particular focus on Portland’s black communities. She may touch on community mapping and redlining, and larger themes such as economic exclusion and urban displacement.

Cat was born and raised in a rural coastal town of Oregon, and has been an active member of the Portland community since 2002 (with some time away to complete a Master’s degree at the University of London). Cat graduated Magna Cum Laude from Portland State University, with a Liberal Arts degree in Social Sustainability and Philosophy, specializing in human rights and social justice. She attained an MSc in Race, Ethnicity and Post Colonial Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Cat is currently a member of Metro’s Equitable Housing Work Group, and the Portland Housing Bureau’s North/Northeast Housing Strategy Preference Policy Technical Advisory Workgroup. She is also developing a community-based project which will get her out and about and will bring together her wide-ranging work, research, advocacy, and study and her unwavering commitment to serving the betterment of the community.