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Horatio Law (Public Artist) on community engagement through public art

Horatio Hung-Yan Law is an interdisciplinary artist who works with common cultural artifacts to explore inter-cultural communication and the complex relationship between individual and community. He resides in Portland, Oregon, and is a faculty member at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Law was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents and moved to the US at the age of 16. With this multi-cultural background, he has developed an artistic practice whose subjects include the Chinese immigrant’s experience, reinterpretations of cultural icons, trans-cultural adoptions, the Iraq War, and the current culture of consumption. His work often tackles weighty subjects with ephemeral and unexpected materials, creating quiet, conflicting, meditative, and evocative works. In his work, public art and community residencies, Law deploys common cultural artifacts to explore issues of identity, memory and the loss and gain of cross-cultural struggle in the evolving global community. He is involved in making work that engages community and interacts with people from different backgrounds.